On Import Modding a Super NES

Not long after CGR Undertow posted a video about import modding the North American Super NES to play Japanese Super Famicom games, I decided to try it myself and see if I could indeed play Super Famicom games on my system.  The entire process was very simple and resulted in my SNES being able to play not only my North American SNES games, just as it always has, but also Super Famicom games flawlessly.


A Super Famicom game, Assault Suits Valken, on the left, and its North American version, Cybernator, to its right.

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Mega Man X Review

This is a review of Mega Man X, first in the Mega Man X series of games released by Capcom for the Super Nintendo.  It can also be found in the Mega Man X Collection for the Playstation 2 and Gamecube and downloaded from the Wii Virtual Console.  The story is that Dr. Light, concerned that his ultimate creation, X, a robot that could think and make its own decisions, might be too dangerous.  So he decides to seal X away in a capsule for a testing period that would go on past his lifetime.  Years later Dr. Cain unearths X and pitches to the chemical company Sigma-Aldrich that they should make super robots in addition to very pure chemicals for research institutions.  The board agrees, and they make a series of robots based off of X, the premiere of which they name Sigma.  Sigma, being a savvy businessman, or businessrobot, decides, with the help of some of his animal robot friends, to take over the world of biomedical research chemicals with brutal force.  Fortunately, Across Organics, who also make fine chemicals, sends two of their representatives, the aforementioned X and the mysterious Zero, to stop Sigma and his evil plans.  Or maybe I’ve been using too many lab chemicals.  Anyways.  Continue reading

Shinobi III: Return of the Ninja Master Review

Shinobi III: Return of the Ninja Master is a classic action platformer, with the emphasis on action, released originally on the Sega Genesis in 1993.  The game is also available in numerous game collection releases and the Wii Virtual Console.  The player controls Shinobi, or Joe to his buddies, a ninja master impractically dressed in white and bright red.  But Shinobi needs no stealth or camouflage to take on the evil Shadow Master since he is armed to the teeth with his sword and martial arts for close range combat, throwing knives for distant targets, and nijitsu magic techniques which can damage enemies, grant armor, or replace health, the last technique requiring the sacrifice of a spare life instead of a ninjitsu powerup. Continue reading